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Hydrogen Revolution at The Ecometro

The Ecometro association organizes the EAD, from the spanish Ecología a debate, which is a cycle of events to deal with, as a group, topics related to the ecology and the architecture from 2012. For the 10th one, called “The Hydrogen Revolution is coming”, The Ecometro contacted me to be there as a speaker talking about hydrogen and the work I am doing with my master thesis and this blog.

Next 29th of October, the 10th EAD event will show the attendees how the hydrogen is coming within the society. It will be a pleasure to be there next to Ismael Caballero, Co-Founder and Engineer at ISMANA, and Domingo Guinea, Researcher and professor at the UIMP and the CAR from CSIC. I am sure all the attendees will enjoy this experience next to us which even It is possible to follow via streaming from the Ecómetro’s blog.

I remember when I came with my brother and my friend Lino to the 9th EAD at the MediaLab in Madrid where I had the possibility of meeting Iñaki Alonso, from SATT Open Architecture, and his team from The Ecometro. I only have greatful words for all of them to let me the possibility of being there next to professionals such as Ismael or Domingo.

As an introduction in the work I am doing, there are different challenges when an alternative technology is getting into the energy market. One of these challenges, It is the way to connect with the society to set this knowledge closer and more familiar to them. That’s one of the issues of the social challenge. Dissemination is one of the more powerful tools to achieve this goal, so the topic of my master thesis is the way the main institutions and companies in this field are disseminating the technology of hydrogen within the society. The work is divided in two part where the main of them is a survey which was sent to a sample of 24 institutions and companies analysing 4 parameters around the dissemination of hydrogen. In the event I’ll present the results obtained with the intention to continue working in this direction.

If you have any question or suggestion about all the information we will present in the event, you can contact me or directly to The Ecometro team in the following email: hola@ecometro.org For a better organization, you can send them an email to register yourself in the event.

I hope you like the event and We are in contact through this blog or via email in hola@javierromero.org. ¡See you soon! 🙂


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