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Webinar: Solar Hydrogen Production

The DOE Fuel Cell Technologies Office presents a new webinar called “Potential Strategies for Integrating Solar Hydrogen Production and Concentrating Solar Power: A System Analysis”. The topic for this webinar is an analysis conducted by The Sandia National Laboratories to explore potential synergies It is possible to make real by integrating solar hydrogen production and concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies.

In order to represent the CSP and hydrogen production, they consider three ways to achieve this goal and for a better understanding you can check them in the following points:

  • Production via Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) electrolysis: At first, It is better to know the basics in the process called electrolysis where hydrogen is separated from water. The PEM electrolysis is the electrolysis of water in a cell equipped with an electrolyte, in this case with a polymer electrolyte, which is the responsible for the protons conduction, separation of the product gases and the electrical insulation of the electrodes. One of the most important properties is the temperature of the process which is around 50-80 ºC.
  • Production via High-Temperature Electrolysis: In the same way than the PEM electrolysis, the high-temperature electrolysis performs the process where its overall efficiency increases considerably. The intention is to implement a higher temperature through solar energy concentrating the power to generates the electricity and heat needed for the electrolysis. The temperature reaches around 850 ºC. The stack is made mostly of ceramic materials to hold the energy up.
  • Production via High-Temperature Thermochemical Reaction Cycles: To understand this way to produce hydrogen we can study the thermochemical water splitting.

After these short definitions about the methods the webinar will talk about, the motivation is to present the results of the analysis from the SNL next to the a discussion about the conditions that may favor the integration of CSP and hydrogen production. It will be interesting to check how this technology works from their point of view to appreciate its progress. Enjoy the webinar! 🙂

Date: November 19, 2015

Time: 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. CET

Registration here.

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2 Responses to Webinar: Solar Hydrogen Production

  1. munir al huraibi says:

    Hi Javier,

    I got the initial notification email from on nov 18th and was intrigued to attend and possibly contribute as we, a struggling pre-startup project, have been struggling with the same broad issue of integrating different alt energy modules that suitably fits our regional environment and truely provide an edge over conventional grid.

    However, i dont know when its supposed to air. And if it did, would you be kind to point me at an URL of which the recording of it exists?
    Other extra resources might do also in the case that it didn’t go live yet.

    Great blog btw 🙂

    • Javier Romero says:

      Hi Munir,

      I sent an email to the to know about the recordings because in the website there is no information about. I’ll tell you when they answer me. Thank you to contact me, I’d like to know more about your pre-startup project if It is possible. Now, I’d like to start cooperating with some colleages to generate more information to disseminate hydrogen within the society.

      Thanks again! 🙂

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