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Startup Europe Week Ciudad Real Day 1

I will remember the 1st day of february (2016) as the first time I organized, next to my colleagues, an event for entrepreneurs. The story is so simple and I will talk about it a little bit. I started the year checking on internet It could be possible to be a Co-organizer of the Startup Europe Week. In my province, Ciudad Real, there are many people working to promote entrepreneurship and I thought It could be a great opportunity to connect all of them in one and unique event. After 20 days more or less organizing the event we got together more than 15 institutions, organizations, companies and entrepreneurs to perform a 3 days event in 5 different spaces around Ciudad Real.

Our first day started at the Chamber of Commerce next to Mayte Carmona and her team. When we started to organize the SEW in Ciudad Real, we came to the Chamber of Commerce asking for collaborators in the event to promote entrepreneurship in the city. They helped us from the first time sharing their knowledge and a space for the event. During the first day, Mayte told us about the services they offered to promote entrepreneurship. It consists in a complete process to support entrepreneurs from the idea to the real project and the different points you need to study. In addition, she included a talk about business angels and how they work in this way next to Goban Business Angles. You can check all this information in their website 😉


We were so proud to count on the help of many entrepreneurs from different places. Pablo Sax García, from Jammy.rocks, told us his experience through a talk called “Organize your project from the beginning till the end. Economy as a tool, not as a purpose”. He prepared a surprising presentation for our attendees making them participants in his talk. The idea was to show the entrepreneurs It is possible to make the different with their projects focusing on the right way.

An amazing day next to our awesome speakers and attendees. The last stop of the first day was the “Café Entrepreneurs” where our intention is to choose a place to take a coffee in Ciudad Real next to local entrepreneurs with the main objective of generating an experiences exchange next to a comfortable networking.


I hope you like how we are working from Rubeum, we believe It is necessary to support the entrepreneur during its hard way. As entrepreneurs, we enjoy doing our work but sometimes we need to feel we are not alone.

We’ll continue telling you about the Startup Europe Week in Ciudad Real. Thanks to all our collaborators and attendees, see you soon! 🙂

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