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7 tips to organize a trip for entrepreneurs

Last weeks I could try out how a group of entrepreneurs is planning a trip to work in a different country for some weeks. That is the motivation of this post where I will show you some tips about my contribution. It’s not a proven fact but many successful business leaders believe in traveling as a way to become a better entrepreneur. Obviously you’ll not be a better entrepreneur only for traveling but the experience could help you to enjoy and learn during the road. From learning about other cultures and how to communicate in different lenguages or “gestures” to the people the trip brings to you, your days abroad could be full of new enriching experiences.

In order to plan a trip for entrepreneurs you can check the next points where I summarized the most relevant steps for not to forget if you are thinking to travel abroad to work alone or next to a group of colleagues. Some of the next steps depends on your purchasing power. My intention is to create a great experience for the entrepreneur saving as much money as possible:

1. Transport

The most common way to travel abroad is to take a flight, so in this way I always recommend Skycanner checking the price one or two month beforehand and the airport you arrive (preventing surprises). However, you can travel by other transport using useful platforms like Blablacar.

2. Accomodation

For a group of guys I recommend to be in a hostel using Hostelworld but you can get a better price contacting directly to the hostel to say you will be a group. It depends on different factors such as where you go, how long you will stay there, how often do you clean your space or if the entire group will stay there everyday.

3. Coworking spaces

Every entrepreneur tries to find a good space to work for a while wherever he or she is. We only need a desk, a chair and a wifi (coffee or tea accepted). In order to have a pleasant trip, we could find coworking or free spaces where entrepreneurs can go to work or have a meeting. If you write coworking (city) in google maps you can find many spaces but It is possible to find websites to search these spaces.

4. Events

Sometimes we are going somewhere and we don’t know what’s happening there. It’s always funny and interesting to meet with more people with your same interests and there are many events for entrepreneurs around the world. Google for entrepreneurs is an example of organization promoting entrepreneurship throught events and activities. Don’t doubt to check some events for your trip before to trip 😉

5. Social media

Social media is always useful to be in contact to your destination startup ecosystem. Try to find some facebook group, coworking fan page or follow the most relevant local entrepreneurs on twitter. That’s a good way to be informed having a huge range of possibilities to get into a great adventure.

6. Country of destination

Before to decide which is your destination I recommend to take a look of the situation of the startup ecosystem wherever you have the intention to go. As I explained you can search on internet about coworking spaces, events, etc, and obviously It is very important you like the place you will be in. Here you have an example of information about different startup ecosystems. If you can organize a previous trip for a couple of days It would be perfect to feel if that’s your place.

7. Contacts

Maybe It is the first time you visit the place, so any help you can receive will be perfect. If you can meet some local before to start your trip It will prepare the ground for your arrival. From the tourist office manager to people you can find on linkedin with your same interests (for example), It could be a fantastic experience to share your thoughts with other people.

From my experience, these points are the key to plan a trip for entrepreneurs. If you know more useful tips in this way, you are invited to comment below the post. It will be a pleasure for me to answer any question and I hope It could be useful for those who are planning something similar. ¡¡See you soon!! 🙂

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